Price per cubic yard

Screened Topsoil #1

Screened earth with a small amount of compost.


Lawn Blend (soil/sand)

Our finest topsoil blended with coarse concrete sand to provide drainage while remaining firm.


Garden Supreme Blend

Made with three parts #1 Topsoil, two parts 50/50 manure mulch, and one part coarse sand. Great for gardens new and old.


Manure/Mulch (50/50 mix)

Made with our magic mulch and steer manure. Same benefits as magic mulch with a little more kick.


Fish Mix

A 3-year-old compost, double screened, with a liquid organic fish fertilizer.


Magic Mulch

Ground and screened mulch great for moisture retention and weed suppression while feeding the garden.


Leaf Mulch (while available)

Finely ground mulch in high demand by landscapers and gardeners (limited supply; usually runs out in May).


Bark Mulch (screened)

Fine, freshly ground fir / hemlock for your garden and other landscaping.


Bark Mulch (regular)

For coarse ground fir / hemlock.


Wood Chips

Cedar woodchips suitable for pathways and playgrounds.


Navvy Jack (⅜” conc. mix)

Most common aggregate used to make concrete.


Sand (mortar)

Best used for masonry, filling cracks in pavers.


Sand (concrete)

A coarse sand generally used for rock walls and top dressing lawns.


Sand (washed)

Basic sand used for bedding pipes, pavers, or in the garden.


Salt & Pepper 3/4″ and 1/2″

Decorative rock good for pathways, driveways, general landscaping.


Clear Crush ½”

Suitable for pathways, landscaping needs; good drainage capabilities.


Clear Crush ¾”

Most commonly used for driveways and pathways.


Screenings ⅜”

The best base or packing gravel.


Roadbase ¾”

For packing gravel under concrete, etc.


Torpedo / Pea Gravel

Decorative gravel used on pathways and under playgrounds.


Drain Rock ¾”

For perimeter drains and landscaping.


Drain Rock 1 ½”

Perfect for drainage and decorative purposes.


Cobbles 2”-6”

Used for dry river beds, etc.



Plain Concrete Slabs And Edgers

12″x12″  $5.50    Charcoal  $6.50

16″x16″  $8.50  Charcoal  $10.50

18″x18″  $11.50  Charcoal  $14.00

24″x24″ $17.50  Charcoal  $21.00

12″x24″ $10.00

8″x16″ $3.50

12″ Round  $5.50

16″ Round  $8.50

Split Face Edgers

$3.00  Charcoal  $3.60

Rocket Blocks

$1.35  Red  $1.55


Special orders available

Bark Nuggets (2 cu ft)


Lava Rock (black or red)



My Soil (50 L)



Type 10 Cement (40 kg)


Mason Type S (30 kg)


Grass Seed

500 g, 2 kg, 5 kg

Front Lawn

good for high end lawns

Back Lawn

robust strain for kids and pets


better for growing in shady areas


for patching existing grass

Lawn Edging

20 ft x 6” deep

Comes with 4 stakes & connectors.


Stake Kits



Tumbled Slate

Beautiful San Juan Slate

Sold per piece

SMALL  $9.00

MEDIUM  $14.00

LARGE  $20.00



Japanese Lanterns

Bird Baths



Landscape Cloth


Hand Tools