Price per cubic yard

Screened Topsoil #1

Screened earth with a small amount of compost.

$43.00/cubic yard

Lawn Blend (soil/sand)

Our finest topsoil blended with coarse concrete sand to provide drainage while remaining firm.

$53.00/cubic yard

Garden Supreme Blend

Made with three parts #1 Topsoil, two parts Magic Mulch, and one part coarse sand. This is our best growing medium and it is a good base for getting your garden started but it is always wise to amend any soil with a slow release fertilizer, peat or other fertilizers to tailor the soil to what you are growing.

53.00/cubic yard

Fish Mix

An aged compost, double screened, with a liquid organic fish fertilizer.


Available again..

Magic Mulch

Ground and screened compost great for moisture retention and weed suppression while feeding the garden. Also used as a soil amender.

$55/ cubic yard

Leaf Mulch (while available)

Finely ground mulch in high demand by landscapers and gardeners (limited supply; usually runs November and runs out in May).

$55/cubic yard

Sold Out till Fall 2021

Bark Mulch (screened)

Fine, freshly ground fir / hemlock for your garden and other landscaping.

$43.00/cubic yard

Bark Mulch (regular)

For coarse ground fir / hemlock.

$38.00/cubic yard

Wood Chips

Cedar woodchips suitable for pathways and playgrounds.

$56.00/cubic yard


Navvy Jack (⅜” conc. mix)

Most common aggregate used to make concrete.

$61.00/cubic yard

Sand (mortar)

Best used for masonry, filling cracks in pavers.

$61.00/cubic yard

Sand (concrete)

A coarse sand generally used for rock walls and top dressing lawns.

$60.00/cubic yard

Sand (washed)

Basic sand used for bedding pipes, pavers, or in the garden.

$40.00/cubic yard

Salt & Pepper 1/2”+ 3/4” available

Decorative rock good for pathways, driveways, general landscaping.

99.00/cubic yard


Clear Crush ½”

Suitable for pathways, landscaping needs; good drainage capabilities.

$59.00/cubic yard

Clear Crush ¾”

Most commonly used for driveways and pathways.

$59.00/cubic yard

Screenings ⅜”

The best base or packing gravel. Also known as pathway mix.

$59.00/cubic yard

Roadbase ¾”

For packing gravel under concrete, etc.

$42.00/cubic yard

Torpedo / Pea Gravel

Decorative gravel used on pathways and under playgrounds.

$65.00/cubic yard

Drain Rock ¾”

For perimeter drains and landscaping.

$59.00/cubic yard

Drain Rock 1 ½”

Perfect for drainage and decorative purposes.

$59.00/cubic yard

Cobbles 2”-5”

Used for dry river beds, etc.

$68.00/cubic yard


Plain Concrete Slabs And Edgers

12″x12″  $6.25    Charcoal  $7.25

16″x16″  $9.60

18″x18″  $12.75 Charcoal  $15.75

24″x24″ $19.00 Charcoal  $23.50

12″x24″ $10.85

8″x16″ $3.85

12″ Round  $6.60

16″ Round  $9.90

Split Face Edgers

$3.90 Charcoal  $4.30

Rocket Blocks

$1.98. Red  $2.18


Special orders available

Bark Nuggets (2 cu ft)


Lava Rock (black or red)



My Soil (50 L)

$14.99-50l bag

Grass Seed

500 g, 2 kg, 5 kg

Front Lawn

good for high end lawns

Back Lawn

robust strain for kids and pets


better for growing in shady areas


for patching existing grass


Tumbled Slate

  • Beautiful San Juan Slate

Sold per piece

SMALL  $10.00

MEDIUM  $15.00

LARGE  $22.00

                                                                                  Random 1 1/2 slate .50 lb

Temporarily  All sold out

Will update when they arrive again.



Japanese Lanterns

Bird Baths



Landscape Cloth


Hand Tools